Our Diaspora Package

Why you need this package

Sometimes you wonder what exactly is “within the walls” of that project you did or currently doing back home while you are away. We understand the challenges and uncertainty about the quality compliance of projects especially when you are not there. But you can count on us to reduce the odds by taking care of the “building blocks” of your projects, and reliably so.

Our package offers:

  • Guaranteed Block Quality and Excellent Service

 At the core of our operations, is a culture of service and value. Our Concrete Masonry Units (Blocks) meet all current industry standards for quality, dimension, and more. Our Customer Care Service is responsive and client-tailored to serve you uniquely. This is what we continually ensure and what our numerous customers in diaspora depend on.

  • Affordable Price

Our premium quality Our Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) are at an affordable price. We offer you unrivaled value for money.

  • Payment flexibility and convenience:

You can pay directly into our Dollar or Naira accounts. In addition to convenience, this eliminates usual leakages associated with sending money via third parties, and ultimately reduces the overall cost of your project.

  • We have a face

Badger Brickyard Limited is licensed and verifiable limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria since 2017 under the visionary leadership of her Board Chairman, Ebenezer Ikechukwu-a seasoned Performance Management Consultant and CMU Industry Disruptor. We are registered with relevant regulatory bodies in Nigeria and Imo State.

  • Real-time Product Delivery and Delivery Status Update:

Because we do what we say we will do, we ensure that your orders are delivered within agreed timelines to your project site. Our Customer Service Team will document, validate and keep you informed and updated the product delivery status in real-time, using authentic means-of-verification (MoV).

  • Overall Project Status Update (optional):

We also provide you with detailed update of your project completion status as may be requested. This may include legal, audiovisual and geospatial evidences. This service is optional and contingent upon request. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Reduced Overall Project Cost:

Because our direct-to-site service reduces financial leakages associated with block purchases through third parties, it ultimately reduce the overall project cost. In addition, it reduces the disappointments and litigation charges associated with project-related financial leakages.

Allow us to pamper you with our client-specific service and help you meet your project timelines and quality benchmarks. Get a free quote now.

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