About Us

Who We Are

Badger Brickyard Limited is a Block and Concrete Solutions Company incorporated in Nigeria with our Head Office in Owerri, Imo State. 

In a world where the available is increasingly becoming the desirable, we chose to take a different route-to put talent, time and token to making the desirable available. And we did. We believe that little things matter, and yes, that a “home is as good as its blocks”, that we can build a sustainable future one block at a time.

And so, we manufacture world-class quality sandcrete and stonecrete/concrete blocks and concrete products that are made from the best locally available materials, and meets all current industry standards for quality including compressive strength, block dimension, and more.

At the core of our operations, is a culture of service and value. Our Customer Care Service is responsive and client-tailored to serve you uniquely. This is what we continually ensure and what our numerous customers depend on.

Our Vision

To be the choice and leading provider of world-class blocks and concrete solutions in South-East Nigeria.

Our Mission

To be a customer-focused and innovation-driven household name that delivers superior quality block and concrete solutions that meets our customer needs and project timelines.

Core Values

At Badger Brickyard, we believe that “a home is as good as its blocks”, and thus committed to our company’s values of QUALITY, INNOVATION and EXCELLENT SERVICE DELIVERY, rooted on INTEGRITY and PARTNERSHIP.

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